About Me And The Purpose Of This Blog

Name: Joakim Giske Tvete
Age: 22
Nationality: Norwegian
Hometown: Trondheim, Norway
Cameras: Samsung NX 300, GoPro Hero4 Black


First of all, my name is Joakim Giske Tvete. As you can read above, I’m from Trondheim, Norway, and I’m 22 years old. My biggest passion in life is skiing – specifically; skiing big ass mountains. And that is exactly what this blog is all about.

I begun to ski when I was four-five years old, and throughout my teens I have had to progress and venture out off-piste on my own. One of my traits is that I always want to try something new, which transforms into skiing in the way that I always want to ski a new line… Thus, while spending most of my weekends at my cabin in Oppdal, Norway, I begun to wish for a pair of randoné skis from I was 14 years old. It was first when I was 17 and went on an exchange to Alaska that I was able to get backcountry skis – and since my first backcountry trip I’ve never looked back. Skiing out in untracked snow and big wild mountains is what I want to spend my life doing.

This being said, I’m no amazingly skilled skier or mountaineer. I have for the most of my life been skiing on my own, which is in my opinion the biggest reason for why I haven’t reached the level of skiing that I want to be at. The last couple of years how ever, I have progressed a lot. My goal is to become as good of a skier as I possibly can, while at the same time educating myself to become an experienced and safe mountaineer – in order to combine these two aspects to ski the biggest mountains as possible.

This blog came to life as I’m planning on traveling the world extensively the next couple of years in particular and further on as I begin to study, starting in November 2017, in a search to ski the best and biggest mountains I can find. This will include, but not excluded to: Spending the following winter of 2017-2018 in Hakuba, Japan, an Alaska trip, Mount Elbrus ski expedition, Muztag Ata ski expedition, lots of skiing all around Norway, an unspecified location to spend the 2018-2019 season, Mera Peak ski expedition, ski Mont Blanc – and hopefully it will all culminate in skiing Denali.

The plan is to post at least once a week, occasionally twice depending on the week. I want to detailed talk about the different skiing trips and mountains, as in what routes have been used, how the snow was and the experience as a whole. In addition I’ll take as many good photos as possible and edit those as well as making some video edits. The blog will though not be excluded to only posts about the skiing alone, but also about everything else that happens on my journey to ski.

Hope you will enjoy it!


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